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Behind the Scenes Series
"Did My Doctor Know?"

For the record, let's call him Doctor X. For privacy reasons and all that.....you understand.

Dr. X was a nice guy, and he'd been my neurologist for years, and was very knowledgeable, highly respected and tops in his profession. I liked Dr. X, and put my whole faith and trust in him. He was the popular 'go to' doctor if you suffered from the monster disease I had.....Multiple Sclerosis.

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The sun came up that morning just like it always does. Except this time I couldn't see the colorful Florida sunrise due to  heavy  storm clouds moving in, and it was beginning to rain.  It was another ordinary morning like so many  others......or was it?  Because what I didn't know, was that this would be one of those days that would cause me to reach deep down inside, and reflect on the true nature and meaning of things.

I had an uncanny feeling…..a restlessness in my spirit, and sensed that something was about to go terribly wrong.

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The other day, I was rummaging through an old drawer, when I found something that brought back memories of the distant past …..an old playbill from a familiar Broadway play. 

 I suppose it  wasn’t really all that long ago in light of the big picture of things, but for me, it was another era ….. a whole lifetime ago, almost as if the memory belonged to someone else.

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They Don't Understand

I remember it well.....just like it was yesterday. But actually, it happened many years ago....... when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

I didn't know anything about MS back then. But all that would change in the blink of an eye... and  it did.... right along with everything else in my life. In fact, my life as I knew it,  would never be the same again.

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It's been called names like The Beast, The Monster, The Devil himself and others I can't mention here. It robs its' victims of their self esteem and self worth. It makes them feel like they are second-class citizens and of little or no value anymore to the rest of life around them.

And in the endů.it takes away everything.

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LITTLE ONE AND ME.....an inspirational reminder

Well, let's see......if you ask me, it looks like the whole world is falling apart around us these days.  Just turn on the news and you'll see what I mean. 

Massive earthquakes are rocking the planet.... tsunamis have devasted everything in their path... .

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My one and only goal is to expose the truth about MS on many different levels. Truth about what happens to human beings afflicted with this monster disease we know as Multiple Sclerosis.

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