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You've been asking what Diet changes I made during my recovery from Multiple Sclerosis.... so here it is!

Learn to make quick and easy healthy, delicious, nutritious old fashioned,
homestyle meals without ever loosing one single mouthful of flavor.

Discover how wholesome, nutritious food can offer the foundation and
building blocks of life, and the cornerstone for a strong
immune system and good health

From: Sue Ellen Dickinson

Because nutrition played such a strong role in my recovery from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is ...”what do you eat? …and what should I eat?”

Great questions!

That is because today confusion over the choices we have, especially in the supermarket, sparks these questions with people who want to make the right food choices.

See, back in 'the day' before I knew or understood that good nutrition was vital to good health, I dined out regularly at fast food restaurants, drank soft drinks all day long, loved that yummy fat on the edge of my steak, ate extra crispy fried chicken in true down home southern style...... and of course, I couldn't live without french fries or chocolate chip cookies.

These types of food decisions can be detrimental in the recovery from Multiple Sclerosis.

But that was then.....and this is now.

I learned that one of the key points in getting myself back to good health meant going back to basics in healthy eating. That was going to be one very important lifestyle change I had to make if I was going to have a fighting chance at taking my health back and elliminating my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

And so I did. I made those changes.....

And in the process, I found myself digging out long-lost family cookbooks from the spare room closet, and reading old hand-written recipes by my Mom and Gramma who'd tucked them neatly away in between the pages decades ago.

I discovered a treasure trove of knowledge that had been hidden away for years!

Back when I was a kid, Mom and my Grandparents took special care in making sure we were fed only the best, natural, wholesome foods.....and turned that food into delicious, mouth watering recipes fit for a king, or the most casual meal at the kitchen table. Bottom line is, they were healthy, nutritious, and always delicious.

So, I began using these old fashioned recipes in my own kitchen, and even created some new ones myself.

And when that question ….”what do you eat?….and what should I eat?” kept popping up in your emails to me, I had a brilliant idea. I put some of these old fashioned "back to basics" recipes together in a 'special collection' and now I'm sharing them with you!

I'm proud to offer you this truly one of a kind recipe cookbook...

“FLAVORS OF HOME, Back To Basics Cookbook and Guide To Healthy Eating”

Here's just a small sneak peek at what you'll discover inside these pages......

GRAMPA'S SECRET INGREDIENTS. In my new “Flavors Of Home, Back To Basics” cookbook, you'll discover that some of the things you probably have right now in your own kitchen, are what my Grampa used to turn even simple and ordinary recipes into delicious culinary delights! He called them his 'Secret Ingredients.' And one flavorful mouth-watering bite will prove it!

Or, how about …....Gramma's “DAY Of RECKONING (Leftover) SOUP”. You'll find out what inspired Gramma who was a real fire and brimstone kind of lady to create this amazing soup. (some like it hot....or not...... just like she did)

And then there's MOM'S RECIPES. A true kitchen wizard, nobody could match my Mother's sandwiches, salads, casseroles, and much more, including one of her original special treats she called her...... “Love Rolls”

My "FLAVORS OF HOME: Back To Basics Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Eating", is chock full of over 50 of these fabulous, healthy old fashioned delicious recipes......... and best of all, they're EASY to fix, SIMPLE and FUN to make.

Click here to get an overview of what you will find in this labor of love that I've created.

Nothing complicated or challenging here!

Not only that, I've sprinkled these pages with loads of cooking and household time saving tips and unique Helpful Hints that Mom and Gramma used. ...and my own additions to make sure that this is much more than just a cookbook. I know you're going to love these!

And I can't forget to mention that I've written entertaining real life short stories about growing up back on the farm, and how this delicious food , created from these wonderful, delicious healthy and nutritious recipes became a way of life in our home.

I know you're going to find my "FLAVORS OF HOME: Back To Basics Cookbook and Guide To Healthy Eating" fun and inspiring! In fact, I guarantee it with ...


Money Back GuarnateeMy 100% Iron-Clad
Money Back

I’m so convinced that you'll be tickled pink by the nutritional hints, tips and recipes in this e-book that I’ll gladly refund 100% of the purchase price up to three months from the date of purchase. So take your time and try these mouthwatering recipes and if you're not completely satisfied, I'll simply give you your money back.

Special Offer Just for You

Now, I have to tell you that I'm making this special cook book available to YOU first on a limited scale. I want you to be able to get it first before its worldwide release, and for a limited time, to get it at a very special price.

Once the special offer to you is expired, I'll be selling this ebook for $14, but if you order before
January 31st, 2014, I will give it to you at the very special price of
$9.95 OR the PAPER BACK edition for $24.95.


To Order the Electronic (E-Book) Edition Click on This Button Below

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This price includes all shipping and handling.


Your paperback version will be shipped out as
soon as possible.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

After you get a chance to try some of these recipes, please take the time to send me your feedback and tell me which recipes you enjoyed and what you liked best about them. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Sue Ellen Dickinson








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