LITTLE ONE AND inspirational reminder
by Sue Ellen Dickinson

Well, let's see......if you ask me, it looks like the whole world is falling apart around us these days.  Just turn on the news and you'll see what I mean. 

Massive earthquakes are rocking the planet.... tsunamis have devasted everything in their path... .volcanoes are exploding in far away places.... damaged nuclear reactors are creating fear and panic in the hearts of men.... wars are breaking out.... weather related catastrophes are becoming commonplace worldwide.... violence and political unrest have become contageous from one country to another.... unemployment numbers continue to grow, and prices on everything continue to skyrocket.........hmmm....did I forget anything?

Oh, yeh.....and you have MS.

But in the midst of all this chaos and confusion, believe it or not, there are signs of hope.  Yes... real hope that reminds each one of us we have a purpose matter what happens.  There are forces far greater than our understanding at work behind the scenes looking out for us....and sometimes they appear to our amazement right before our eyes. .....sometimes setting off a chain reaction of circumstance and events that breathe whispers of inspiration, comfort and even protection into our lives that give us the awareness and meaning to go on.

Here's a story I think bears that out.  The moral of this story is that even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant of us living in this world, is every bit as important in the grand scheme of things as everyone else.........and also, making us realize we're not alone afterall.

I think you're going to enjoy this ....

         *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

It was another beautiful day here in Florida, not so different from others just like it.  You know, uninterrupted pristine blue skies overhead, intoxicating soft fragrant breezes blowing ashore from the ocean, lazy palm trees saying 'hello' and bowing gracefully as I drove by.   I had that rare special feeling you don't get very often that all was right with the world....but, well.....maybe not everything.

'What's that....that thing in the road?'  Car in front of  me straddled its' wheels over it, barely missing what looked like a brown ball dead center in the middle of a busy blind intersection.  Now it was my turn....didn't need to run over some kids' ball, so I slowed down, careful to steer my front wheels so I'd miss it too.  But as my car was about to roll over the brown ball, I realized it.....OH NO! moved!  It's ALIVE!

OK, now what?

Screeching to a halt on the roadside, I looked back in my rear view mirror at the brown ball in horror as it lay all alone in the middle of the road and motionless prey for thundering wheels of any oncoming motor vehicle.  Traffic was everywhere, but even with a green light, oddly enough,  no other cars turned the corner at the busy intersection, even though it was high noon and traffic was at its' peak.  Any car turning that corner now would mean certain death for the brown ball.  I asked the Angels for help as I made my way as fast as I could to its' rescue, praying all the while that I wouldn't get hit by a car.

But there were no cars on this side of the busy intersection now.  Taking but a moments' pause to assess my surroundings, the landscape appeared as if the roadway had somehow been miraculously swept clean of all traffic by Unseen Hands directing cars and their drivers elsewhere, allowing me just seconds to save this tiny little life. 

I reached down, scooped up the brown ball and hurried back to my car.

The heart of the little bird beat so hard against the palm of my hand I thought it might burst right through the tiny short feathers on its' chest.  It was terrified and frozen with fear.  I was confused.  What do I do with this little one?  What do I do with this young wild bird that's left the comfort if its' nest, ventured out learning how to fly on a beautiful day like this, but wound up lying on an asphalt road in the middle of a busy downtown intersection instead?

Thank goodness for cell phones!

A call to my veterinarian led me to Lisa, a wildlife specialist in the next town.  Lisa ran a wildlife refuge and took in rescued lives like the tiny one I held in my hand.  So, we were off to Lisa's place.  The thirty minute drive gave me plenty of time to think about what just had happened.  Time to reflect on what's really important in life, and how that can change in the briefest of moments for any one of us.  Little One now was resting comfortably in my lap, remaining still and obedient to the task at hand....just staying alive.

I realized not only how the fragility of circumstance in life can change in a flash, but how the order of the universe works in simple everyday life.  How important to the full order of things the breath of life for even the smallest of creatures such as this, is just as important to the overall divine synchronicity of life as mine.

Pulling up to Lisa's house, we were met with big smiles and a warm softly insulated basket for the baby bird.  It was a young dove, she said.  Handing my charge over to expert care, I whispered goodbye to Little One and tears welled up in my eyes as I realized the unseen mysteries and majesties that circumvent everything we call 'logic'....everything we think we know and understand about our world, but in reality is only the transparent paper thin surface between worlds beyond our ken that are so much greater than our imagination can hold, that patiently await perhaps, someday, for our dim understanding to awaken.

I called Lisa a couple of weeks later to check up on Little One, not knowing what the news would be, since there was only a 50/50 percent chance of survival.  And to my amazement, the lilt in Lisa's voice confirmed her words that indeed Little One was going to be alright and make it afterall.

A year has passed, and springtime is coming around again.  And as I acknowledge the gracefully bowing palm trees and pristine Florida-blue skies, I turn the corner of that same busy intersection remembering what happened a year ago and say 'thank you' to the Angels for their guidance and protection.

 Because I was that little broken winged bird once.  I was hopelessly trapped inside a dangerous and desolate intersection between life and circumstance that seemingly could never be fate sealed, and I honestly didn't know if rescue would ever come in time or not.  I lay in wait, lost and helpless in the midst of a tempests' storm that raged all around me.

 But prayers ARE answered.  Things CAN change.  Hope can be transformed into miracles.  And miracles do happen.  We are all a part of that.

Flocks of birds are beginning to fill the sky again, and I can’t help but imagine that Little One is somewhere up there among them.  And in a rare special feeling you don’t get very often that all is right with the world, I wonder if he can possibly remember that fateful day when life challenged.......and changed us both.

Fly high Little One, fly high......and soar beneath the wings of the Angels. 

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