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How to Avoid the Five Deadly Mistakes
99.7% of People Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Make That Destroys ANY Chance of Living a NORMAL Life!

By Dr. Rudy Cartwright

Dr. Rudolph (“Rudy”) Cartwright is a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) with over 35 years of experience and is an expert in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

He became intimately involved with MS when his daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS several years ago. She was a lot like you… she wanted to have more energy & less fatigue, she wanted to be symptom-free and not feel so depressed all the time. She basically wanted to get her life back.

Dr. Cartwright couldn’t sit around and let things get worse so he went into “over-drive” and researched like a mad man and discovered all the hidden secrets out there about MS.

He developed a program for her to follow and explained to her why all these things were important. And she got better and was able to finish medical school.

At this point, Dr. Cartwright’s son, Scott, started telling him how silly it was that he wasn’t sharing this information with others out there with MS. Scott was happy that his dad had helped his wife but he knew there were thousands of you out there who could benefit from all his knowledge.

After much convincing, Dr. Cartwright decided to share his knowledge with others, and the first step is this report.



Sclerosis and How They Can Change Your Life FOREVER!”

By Sue Ellen Dickinson

It is possible to beat this monster disease! I'm living proof!

The fact is that I was able to break away from the devastating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and I have achieved remarkable results. For many, many years now I've been in total remission, symptom-free and leading a normal life. You will learn my complete story once you get past this page.

That's why I created this special report that will give you the first 6 things you need to know to start you journey on the road to getting better (or making sure you don't get worse).

In my special report I will cover:

  • How Your Immune System Works... The Real Story (and why that's important)
  • Forbidden Facts about MS that you need to know.
  • Are drugs really helping you?
  • Daring to believe that you CAN get well.
  • It's NEVER too late. You can turn your health around and lead a normal life.
  • Why just put band-aids on your MS symptoms when you can make permanent changes.

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  • What Are Your Options?
  • What’s the latest scientific research, and what does it all mean to you?
  • What are other people with MS just like you doing to improve their lives?
  • Are there ‘underground’ methods to overcoming MS?
  • And much more….

I promise you, this is a newsletter like none other you’ve ever read before, because it’s written by someone who’s been right where you are now….by someone who understands the same deep frustrations and frightening concerns you have right now.

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