From: Sue Ellen Dickinson

There are times in nearly everyone's life at some point, when certain things happen without warning, without fanfare, and seemingly out of the clear blue sky that are beyond all logical reason and explanation.  Beyond coincidence.  They are special circumstances you can't possibly explain away in simple terms of what we know to be real.....at least in this life.

There are unseen mysteries all around us.  They are stellar and pure.  When taken and examined alone by themselves, they would seem not to fit into the mundane everyday pattern of our sunrise to sunset lives. b

But instead, they have been molded with exquisite precision, embroidered maticulously into daily life.  Looking at the broader picture it becomes clear that they are great gifts, finely tuned etherial harmonic instruments and grand spiritual sculptures that have been intentionally sent to us from a Source far greater than ourselves, and specifically meant for our spiritual growth and benefit.

I've come to realize that these special, spiritual manifestations interacting within our daily lives, coming and going at will, are the clarion call of supreme unseen forces beckoning us to strive toward a higher level of knowledge and reality.  Though inexplicable, we are asked to accept on faith that they are far beyond our spectrum of knowledge and what we know as reality here on this earthly plane. 

And so, we simply must take these special circumstances on face value as gifts and blessings, and know that they've crossed our paths for a specific and deliberate reason from a far greater and higher source than our perspective here on earth can ever envision or comprehend. 

What those reasons are and why they've been sent to us, isn't important for us to know.  But what is important to know, is that they have been put there for a specific purpose in order to teach us something. And, if we're paying attention to what's going on around us, and look at the bigger picture in life,  then we can learn from them.

Most of the time these cycles of life, or life cycles as I call them......extraordinary circumstances, if you will,  go unheeded, unnoticed, but once in a while, they are manifested in such a way that they cannot be ignored....they cannot be denied.  And sometimes, they are made so clearly evident and apparent in the pattern of our lives, that  there is no room for doubt in the mind and heart that God's infinite love and protection is there for us at all times and under all conditions.....even in the most dire of situations.

And so it was with me, having suffered the devastating symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and all the horrific human degradation that this invisible monster disease brings, as it thrust its' double edged, razor sharp daggers through the very heart of my life......destroying and nearly ending it.

I'd always had this understanding since early childhood.....the understanding that God sometimes closely intervenes in our lives in ways that shatters the surface calm, and allows us the opportunity and ability to peek over the top of our limited spectrum here, and for the briefest of moments,  enjoy and relish in depth and full awareness that He is here for us...... always.

Perhaps that's why I never asked the question,..... "why me"? .....when it came to having MS.  For me, it wasn't about me.  That didn't matter. Instead, it was about the growth, the testing of inner courage and strength of character that needed to develop because of it........I would either sink or swim in the cesspool of this devastating disease I was drowning in.  It wasn't about the individual self or ego as much as it was about the spiritual development. 

But make no mistake.  There were many times over more than a decade when I hit rock bottom.  And I hit it hard.  So hard in fact,  I thought I would break.   I  cried, pleaded and begged God to relieve me of this plague, and return me back to life before MS.  And, by the Grace of God he did. 

In my new book "Looking At Life From the Other Side", I'll give you deeply personal details and behind the scenes looks at some of the most crucial things that changed my life from early childhood, and during the two and a half years after my near death experience, right through my come-back from the death grip that Multiple Sclerosis had on me.

I''ll share with you exquisite poetry and verse in intimate detail from what I believe could only have come from Divine Inspiration during those dark and dreadful times that gave me hope, and the true belief that God is really there for us in our darkest hour and most dire circumstances of our lives.....no matter what is effecting us, or how bleak the outlook may be.

I'll tell you true life stories that happened to me and others I know, in real life situations that simply cannot be explained in terms of what we know as 'reality' here on earth.

Do you believe in Angels?  I'll tell you true stories about real Angels.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die, and what it's like on the Other Side?  I'll share exactly what happened to me during and after my near death experience and how that changed my life forever.

Are there such things as coincidences in life, or not?  Are we part of a grander design, a Divine Plan that sweeps us up into what I call 'life cycles'?

Is there a reason for everything that happens to you in your life? 

Do you believe there are unexplained, unseen mysteries that effect our daily lives.....every single day, day in and day out? 

This labor of love I've created will answer all these questions and give you much, much more.

You will come to realize that you are not alone.

You will discover (even if you have trouble believing it), that God does have a plan for you.

You will see that your life has meaning, and that no matter what your circumstance may be, you have been put on this earth for a reason and purpose all your own.

I know you're going to find my "Looking at Life From the Other Side" to be inspirational, uplifting and enlightening! In fact, I guarantee it with ...


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Just read "Looking At Life from the Other Side" and I really enjoyed it.  I love reading books like it. I would recommend it to everyone! I insisted my husband read it as well.

Joan L.


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Sue Ellen Dickinson





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